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I am grateful...

  • for cheap cold medicine (especially non-drowsy stuff!)

  • for the experience and knowledge that allows me to perform hard drive transplants on laptops with some expectation of success!

  • for the backup computer that got me through March

  • that the swap-in hard drive worked in my old laptop!

  • for enough money to make a few installment payments on a debt.

  • my friend Russell is alive, after serious sickness!

  • that my "phone" functions as a music player for a long time, as long as WiFi is turned off.

  • for employers willing to to tolerate my nonsense and give me second chances.

  • for the chance to still have a chance at worldly success after so many big mistakes.

  • for knowledge and techniques, like this gratitude journal, that can help me shape my future for the better.

  • for friends, family members, and colleagues who are willing to give me support when I'm ready.

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