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Addendum Wed Oct 31 23:35:04 EDT 2012: NJ refineries are still not in operation and gas is being shipped in from out of state to cover shortages. This means gas prices are going to spike here and likely everywhere along the east coast.

Trying to figure out how urgent it will be to ration gas...


Tens of thousands of households are still without power here in the Princeton area.

Our development has power, as does the the small office/shopping center and gym nearby, but we are in the minority. I'm not entirely sure why we got power back so quickly, but it might be due to our close proximity to the hospital. (The State Police is also just over the hill, but generators are probably enough to support most of their operations.)

And, obviously, we also have internet, which came back on about 12 hours after the power.

I gather that several main roads are blocked by downed power lines. Living pretty much right off of Route 1 has never been so convenient.

Still: where to go, really? Some stores are open, but the big ones remain either closed or only partly operational.

Today, I ended up at Shop-Rite after being sent on a quest by my dad for some kind of prepared lunch. I found it half-dark and filled with that institutional kitchen sour milk smell. All the non-perishables were available for purchase as usual, but the prepared food and refrigerated sections were completely bare and unlit.

I have been getting jack shit done at home. I count four Pomodoros for the entire day. If the office doesn't get power tomorrow morning, I'm planning on spending most of the day at Frist, since the University has just reopened. Class cancellation gives me only a slight advantage. I have so much homework, and I'm still planning on sacrificing Friday and Saturday to run in the long-awaited 5k with Connie and Lawrence.

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